A celebration of life – How funerals are becoming less sombre

January is a month where, during the second week, there is often 30% more deaths recorded than any other week of the year. This makes it a busy time to be the funeral directors Birmingham relies on. We are happy to provide our services though, supporting the people who need it most.

Changing Wishes

Some people do not like the idea of everyone being sad when they pass. The thought of a sombre ceremony where everything is gloomy is something they do not want. It could also be that they want to avoid expensive ceremonial extras that they find unnecessary.

In cases like this, there are ways that you can ensure a funeral happens a different way. You can discuss your wishes to make sure that they are known, leave them in your will, or use a pre-paid funeral plan.

You can still include aspects of a traditional funeral but with more of an emphasis on a life well spent. Even the smallest of touches can personalise this occasion, including a specific colour of flowers. This will help to reflect the individuality of the deceased.

Changing attitudes

There was a large-scale study that took place last year. The Co-op looked across the nation at the subject of death. This was to start a conversation and to get people to talk about their wishes. 30,000 British people answered questions with interesting results.

Two-fifths (41%) of UK adults said that they want their funeral to be a celebration of life instead of a sad affair. This can be through the coffin, choice of music, or how people speak about them. Countless people are leaving wishes like this behind, changing the traditional idea.

It is important to recognise that this is not something everyone will want. Some still want a traditional, religious funeral with sober dignity. Whatever your wishes are, you can make them happen by relying on our team of experts.

When it comes to funeral directors Birmingham can count on us. Darren W. Faragher is here to assist with various aspects. To discuss what we can do, reach out to us at info@darrenwfaragher.co.uk or by telephone.