Advice for reception etiquette

Funerals are very distressing times, but our funeral directors are here to provide guidance and support when it’s needed the most. Specialising in all forms of planning, we have the skills necessary to organise a ceremony when you are having difficulties. Whatever it is that you require assistance with; rest assured that we will be able to help and can deliver the finest funerals Birmingham has seen.

Receptions give us the opportunity to spend time with one another and remember the deceased in a more casual environment. For a number of individuals, these functions are a more comforting place for remembrance and interaction.

Quite a lot of these happenings take place in the family home, but they can also be held at restaurants, places of worship, and social halls. The location will depend on how many people you expect and which destination will be best for everybody.

The receptions more social and casual than a funeral, but never forget that they are still sombre. As you are sharing memories, you may be willing to laugh, but it’s imperative that you remain respectful and don’t overdo it. The same can be said for alcohol, as it’s best to maintain some moderation whilst drinking.

In certain communities, the deceased’s family is the one to host the reception and supply the refreshments, and in others, they are potluck. If it’s your desire to make a contribution, you should check with the coordinators to see what is and isn’t permitted. For example, if you want to bring alcohol, it might not be allowed due to the laws surrounding the deceased’s religion or culture.

Some receptions may have end times, but others won’t. Just like with any function, when you wish to leave is up to you. If you stay to the end, it might be considerate of you to help clear up.

At Darren W. Faragher, as soon as you arrive at our offices we will carefully walk you through every detail that is required to plan the ceremony. Details in relation to the funeral can be discussed at our premises, but if you find yourself unable to do this, we can send our arranger over to your house instead. Should you need our aid, we will be there for you.