Advice on taking children to funerals

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If you are a parent or guardian, you might be wondering whether you should let your little one attend a funeral. It is a tough time and a difficult decision to make.

Decide With The Child

While it is your choice, there are points you should consider in your decision. You should generally not bring along anyone under the age of 3. This is because they might be noisy and disrupt other people. If they are over 3 but you worry about them becoming bored or restless, bring along someone to help. This can be someone the child trusts but is not deeply affected by the death. They can attend to them while other people mourn.

When they are old enough to understand what is going on you should talk to them. You can then ask whether or not they would like to go. A lot of people want to protect children or think that their presence is inappropriate. The truth is that it can help children the same way it does for adults. They also won’t feel left out at this time.

The discussion should be simple and honest so that they can understand everything going on. They might not even remember when they are older, but at this time it is important that they are comfortable and are included if they want to be. A funeral can help them acknowledge the loss.

Talk to them about the purpose of a funeral and how it is okay to be, and see other people, sad sometimes. It can be distressing for a child to see an adult cry, especially if it is an unfamiliar experience. You can prepare them for this and allow them to realise that the mood might shift. For example, at the wake people might be smiling or other kids might run around.

Support At A Difficult Time

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