Advice regarding funeral invitations

Our job as Birmingham funeral directors includes helping people before and after the service so that they do not have to struggle alone. We are always supportive and want everyone to be comfortable calling on us.

Invitations Are Important

While you might be grieving, there are numerous tasks that need to be done when someone passes. One of them is informing people who knew and loved the individual. This gives them the chance to pay their respects at the funeral.

Funeral invitations act as a way to inform people of details they need to be aware of like the venue. This is in addition to breaking the news and confirming the death.

The method of sending invitations has changed over the years. Some people will do it via text, email, or social media as this can make it easier to respond. The idea of the message remains the same though. You might wish to extend the invitation to people like colleagues and members of their place of worship.

What To Include

You might want to include details on what people can do in lieu of flowers such as a charitable donation. Also you could add in a message to act as an open invitation or to limit the amount of people who attend.

You can find templates online which can make this process easier for you. Below are some examples of things to use.

  • Words like in loving memory, R.I.P, celebrating the life of…
  • Details like name date of birth and death
  • The funeral date and time as well as the venue
  • Requests and thanks for kindnesses, flowers, or donations
  • Contact details (for queries as well as RSVPs)
  • A photo of the individual
  • An image or design that reflects a lifestyle or hobby
  • Forget-me-not flower seeds to scatter at the service

You can reach the Birmingham funeral directors you can depend on at 0121 382 4411. We can answer your queries and also discuss how we can help you.