Arranging floral tributes

Floral tributes are an important part of funerals and can be customised in a huge number of ways to make them truly personal. Differently coloured flowers have different meanings. This means you can decide what you want the flowers to say and the feelings you want to portray. You should also consider whether you want a wreath, tied bouquets, sprays, special shapes or baskets.

Traditionally funeral flowers were white and red but you can now choose them in any colour you like, whether it is the favourite colours of the deceased or for the meaning. Here is a brief run-down of what different colours mean to help you decide which gives the message you want.

Blue is well known for its calming tones and the fact that it promotes peace. Iris and Hydrangea are both beautiful choices in this regard.

Pink is used to represent joy and life so flowers of this colour are best used when you want to give the occasion a less sombre mood.

Purple has been known as the colour of royalty for a number of years. It can also be used to represent accomplishments and to show your admiration.

Red is known as the colour of love but also represents courage and strength. Reds are the most popular floral colours for funerals.

White conveys a wide selection of different meanings including peace, innocence and spirituality. They are poignant for funerals and remain as popular as red.

Yellow is most commonly used to symbolise friendship. A few carefully chosen flowers in this colour amongst your main selection can create a really beautiful look.

Green is the best option if you want to connect the funeral with nature. It also symbolises renewal and resilience.

Once you are happy with the colour of the flowers you need to decide on the layout you want. For funerals many people choose special shapes for the main floral tributes followed by additional bouquets or baskets to add depth. The main tributes can include names, hearts, tear drops or wreaths. A wreath is a particularly popular choice because it is symbolic of unending love.

As versatile funeral directors in Birmingham, we can offer you help and advice about floral tributes. We are committed to offering a comprehensive service and ensuring that your wishes are met. As part of the service we will source tributes and arrange delivery to the church, cemetery, funeral home or the start point of the procession.