Direct cremation and its impact on the grieving process

The choice for a direct cremation or burial is only made by a small amount of people in the UK every year. When a body is taken directly to a crematorium, and no funeral service is conducted, it is known as direct. The family won’t be able to see the deceased again after they are collected by a funeral director. And the remains are either scattered or returned to their next of kin. Continue reading

I’m not sure that a traditional funeral is for me

Bereavement isn’t easy for anyone, a fact that we know very well. Being a family-operated funeral directors, we strive to give you the personal attention you deserve during such a difficult period. Having already helped to plan some of the greatest funerals Sutton Coldfield has ever witnessed, we are confident in our ability to assist you as well. No matter your wishes, we will see to it that they’re respected. Continue reading

A guide for the healing process

Coping with life after the death of a loved one can be one of the hardest experiences. We understand the hardships that we all may have to go through one day, so here we explain some feelings you may have and the ways in which you can best deal with them in the time of grieving. As one of the best funeral directors Birmingham has to offer, we want to make it clear that you are not alone and can find the support you need throughout the healing process. Continue reading

The decorum one must show at graveside services

When it comes to funerals Sutton Coldfield and its residents rely on us to assist them with the planning when it all becomes too much for them to handle. Experienced in each individual section of the ceremony, there is nothing that’s too challenging for our top team of funeral directors. Whatever your wishes and those of your loved ones, we will see to it that they are respected. Continue reading

Timing your words

Over the years, families have come to rely on our team to aid them in giving their loved ones a fitting send off. Being a family run establishment ourselves, we understand the pain they are going through, which is why we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that every one of their unique requirements is met. Having assisted in the organisation of some of the most respectful funerals Birmingham has ever seen, we are the people to depend on. Continue reading

Why is funeral aftercare significant?

It’s never easy to cope with the loss of a loved one. However, even though they are no longer with us, it doesn’t mean that we can’t still help them. The best thing we can do is ensure that their funeral is the greatest send off they could have possibly hoped for. Employing the most dedicated funeral directors Sutton Coldfield has to offer, our team can assist you with any and all areas of the service if you are struggling. Continue reading

Need some inspiration for the funeral?

Having already planned countless ceremonies during our time, we know full well what is expected of us by the deceased’s family members. Employing some of the most experienced and respectful funeral directors Sutton Coldfield has available; our team is the one you can trust to oversee your loved one’s send off. We can even help to decide how best to personalise the service. Continue reading

The traditions of an Anglican funeral

Funeral planning isn’t something you should have to do alone, considering the emotions that manifest during this time. Being a family run funeral directors Birmingham families can rely on, not only do we strive to assist you at your time of need, but we also wish to provide you with our undivided attention. Having already aided in the organisation of some of the most respectful funerals, we are the ones to call if there’s anything special that you have in mind. Continue reading

The role of a funeral celebrant

When funeral planning is left to surviving family members, it can be tough knowing how the deceased would want things to go. This is particularly true if they haven’t left any details behind. There’s no need to worry however, as our team of professional funeral directors possess unmatched levels of experience when it comes to organising events of this nature. Having arranged some of the most touching funerals Sutton Coldfield has ever seen, we believe ourselves more than qualified to assist you in your endeavours. Continue reading

How can family rifts influence funerals?

As a family run establishment, we understand just how emotional funerals can become, and how much it means to the deceased’s relatives that they are done properly. With this knowledge in hand, we do everything that we can to accommodate each and every request from the family. Employing a team of some of the most devoted funeral directors Sutton Coldfield has to offer, our team is the one to depend on for all of your funeral requirements. Continue reading