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Making preparations for the reception

As funeral directors, it is our honour and duty to assist the families of the deceased in organising everything associated with the final send off. We are a family business with a base in Sutton Coldfield, so we understand the feelings that you are going through at these difficult times. Whether you just need help with one aspect or planning entire funerals, rest assured that you will have our full support. Continue reading

Preparing children to attend funeral services

Losing loved ones is hard on all of us and as a family run establishment ourselves we know all too well the emotions that you’re going through. As such, we aim to help you plan out a service that’s both touching and personal. Everyone wants to do right by their loved ones, so when you come to our funeral directors to plan funerals in Birmingham and tell us of your requirements, we’ll work doubly hard to see that they’re fulfilled. Continue reading

Expanding the number of funeral options

Funerals are a chance for people to come together and celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed on. What we strive to do for mourners is provide the most touching, unique and personalised services possible. To this end, our Birmingham based funeral directors take the time to listen to each family’s individual requirements and then we do everything possible to ensure that they are met. Continue reading

Remembering the uniqueness of life through personalised funerals

Many of you will be familiar with the well known saying of how the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. That passing away is an inevitable conclusion of life does not, however, mean that the occasion should be treated with due respect. As a funeral is quite often the final moment in which the life of a loved one is celebrated in a public setting, it is important to ensure that the service is held with formal dignity and an expression of appreciation for the person. Continue reading

The hearse throughout history

For many years now, our dedicated funeral directors have provided the most professional and personalised services to Sutton Coldfield. We understand just how difficult these times are for you, so we focus on doing our best to accommodate every individual requirement to that loved ones get the funerals they deserve. Continue reading

A helping hand the whole way

As a family ourselves, we understand the feelings that come with loss. Based in Birmingham and operating across Sutton Coldfield, our funeral directors resolve to give you a professional, honest and open service that is tailored to your specific requirements. It is our mission to offer you the full extent of our services to give your loved ones the send off they deserve. Continue reading