Choosing the right funeral director

Funeral directors in the UK are not licensed, meaning the profession is open to anybody who chooses to set up a business. Their role is to fulfil the tasks you can legally ask them to do, including caring for the deceased and transporting them to the church, crematorium or an alternative venue for the service. Their other services are all designed around helping you to plan the funeral including choosing a coffin, casket or urn, flowers, catering and even newspaper notices.

The lack of licensing may make it difficult for people to guarantee they are dealing with a professional provider. The British Institute of Funeral Directors (BIFD) has been working hard to correct this. They were set up in 1982 to offer education and training for providers, ensuring they possess the skills to fill the important role given to them. As part of this they created their own License to Practice for members who adhere to quality standards and complete annual professional development.

When you choose a company who is a member of the BIFD you can have confidence they have the required training to serve and help you to plan a funeral. The fact that the License to Practice is issued each year means that funeral directors need to maintain their high standards and continue to improve their skills. This provides reassurances about their quality. You can also always contact the organisation directly if you have any concerns about a provider who is a member.

As highly experienced funeral directors based in Birmingham, we are committed to serving our community and offering the very best level of service we can to each and every client. We have been established for many years and have built a strong reputation in that time. We are proud members of BIFD and the National Association of Funeral Directors, so you can always expect excellence from us.

We can help people to plan fitting funerals for their loved ones or pre-plan their own send off. Through the whole process we offer support and guidance to reduce the weight of the occasion and the stress planning can create. Our team are compassionate and will be there for you whenever you need support and advice.