What will coffins look like in the future?

A crucial part of planning a funeral is choosing a coffin design. There are now more options than ever before with a wide array of traditional and contemporary designs to choose from. Classic styles with timber and brass remain popular but you can now see all kinds of other materials too. Sustainable eco-friendly coffins have risen in popularity, including wicker and even cardboard ones. There are even coffins and covers specifically designed for people opting for cremations.

One company from the West Midlands has even created a concept for the coffin of the future. Their design would see the coffin complete with colour changing lights to reflect the favourite colours of the deceased, loudspeakers so music or a recorded eulogy can be played and even a screen for displaying photos. The screen would also double up to show social media messages, allowing people to share their thoughts and memories.

The concept was created after the company behind it conducted research into the current use of technology at funerals in the UK. The industry has moved on a great deal over the years, introducing more and more new devices to help people celebrate the lives of their loved ones. The “Coffin of the Future” incorporates many of these technologies.

The concept is currently just that though with no plans to put it into production or any indication of how much it would cost. Mock ups have been made to give a better indication of how it would look but it is unlikely that the design will be made available to purchase.

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