The continued rise of funeral personalisation

Funerals come in many varieties and are becoming increasingly personal as people look to celebrate the lives of their loved ones as they bid them farewell. As part of the personalisation you can see all kinds of different features and additions including special coffin designs, non-traditional clothing, specially selected music and even unique settings for the service itself.

Funeral personalisation to this extent is relatively new, but history already has many examples of funerals that stand out for being personal and even outrageous at times.

The 1926 funeral of silent movie actor Rudolph Valentino became a huge event and resulted in police being called in to stop an estimated 100,000 fans from rioting. Afterwards it came to light that the man responsible for organising the funeral, Frank E. Campbell, had actually paid people to act hysterically to draw attention to his funeral home.

American journalist and author Hunter S. Thompson insisted that he be cremated and his ashes be placed in fireworks so they could be set off at his service. His wishes were met at his 2005 funeral, and the trend has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Actor and country music singer Jimmy Dean made his funeral special by designing a fitting final resting place in advance of his death. He chose to be buried in a nine and a half foot long mausoleum shaped like a grand piano. The memorial bears an inscription that reads “Here lies one hell of a man” a quote from his most famous song, the 1961 number one hit “Big John”.

Mother Teresa was also granted a funeral fitting of the work she had done during her life. Half of the seats at the service were reserved specially for people she had helped. During the funeral wine, water and bread were carried by a leprosy patient, a woman released from prison and a handicapped man respectively.

At Darren W. Faragher we respect the wishes of clients and help them to create personal funerals in Birmingham and throughout the surrounding areas, doing all we can to accommodate special requests, from the music to the coffin to the venue. We can offer many different options for people throughout the region and cater for many different special requests.