Direct cremation and its impact on the grieving process

The choice for a direct cremation or burial is only made by a small amount of people in the UK every year. When a body is taken directly to a crematorium, and no funeral service is conducted, it is known as direct. The family won’t be able to see the deceased again after they are collected by a funeral director. And the remains are either scattered or returned to their next of kin.

The Royal London Funeral Cost pointed out direct cremation to be the ’emerging’ option for 5% of the population. Their research suggested that those are using it as a coping strategy to keep costs down. Although separating the act of a ceremony from other aspects of the death can help keep funerals affordable, many people who are opting for this do it for personal beliefs.

However, funerals need to be recognised as a crucial step during the grieving process. Experts in bereavement have said that avoiding this, intentionally or not, can create issues further along the process. The NAFD especially will always advise anyone funeral planning, whatever form it may take, to speak to those closest to the deceased and to funeral directors.

Everyone knows that a funeral can be very distressing, but it should also be considered an important step in the whole process. If there is to be no service, consider finding another way of bringing people together who need to deal with the loss at hand.

One thing to remember is that there may never be another chance of saying farewell, so take advantage of the time you have to properly, and sincerely to send the deceased off. It is understandable why some don’t opt for funeral directors to help with the process, as some just never adhere to your requirements. And the one thing that needs to be fulfilled during these times is your needs.

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