Ensuring all wakes are professionally catered for

As professional funeral directors, we aim to play an important role within our surrounding communities and strive at all times to offer a caring and compassionate service. We help our clients plan the personalised funerals that allow them say goodbye to their loved ones in a unique and special way.

After the funeral, it is important for people to congregate in a relaxed setting in order to gather their thoughts and commemorate and celebrate the life of the deceased. A wake enables family, friends and acquaintances to share in their grief, exchange stories and memories about their loved one and to give them the perfect send off.

A wake is of course less structured than the funeral service, but equally important. We provide comprehensive support to make funerals and wakes as stress free as possible for our clients, and we do all we can to help ease the burden of organisation.

It is of course customary to provide food and refreshments for the people that attend the funeral and wake. We know that it can be difficult to make these kinds of arrangements, and as part of our service we are happy to help you put the catering for your event together.

Funerals and wakes are very personal events and everyone has different needs. If you wish to hold the wake at home, we can provide a complete catering service. You can choose from a simple and casual finger buffet or if required we can put together a more elaborate menu. If you require this service we can offer all the information you need along with sample menus to help you make a decision. Many people are uncomfortable with holding a wake at home, and if this is the case we can recommend and provide details of venues such as social clubs, bars and restaurants.

We offer a full range of services for clients planning funerals in Sutton Coldfield and the surrounding areas including funeral planning, floral tributes, horse drawn carriages, before and after services, pre paid funerals and more, and you can rest assured we do our utmost to meet every individual request we receive. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our patient and professional service.