Everyone expresses their feelings differently

Planning a funeral is never easy, especially if this happens to be your first time doing so. It’s perfectly understandable if you feel uncomfortable with anything during this process, but rest assured that assistance is always available. Our funeral directors have worked to plan funerals in Birmingham for years and they are fully capable of handling any aspect of the ceremony should you find it too difficult yourself.

There are some things that people are unsure of when it comes to funeral services. Encountering awkward or inappropriate condolences, conversations and questions are some of them. What you must understand is that everyone means well, but not all of them necessarily know how to express themselves and act properly in situations like these. This is particularly true if this is anyone’s first service.

Prepare yourself for people who might say things that you feel may be awkward, self-absorbed or insensitive, or for someone who could bring up an unfitting subject. Give them the benefit of the doubt and never forget that attendees will be coming to terms with the loss. Everybody will show this in their own way. If you are confronted with inconsiderate questions or comments, simply inform the person that you would prefer not to talk about the topic at hand. Afterwards, thank the individuals for coming to the funeral.

Something else you may come across is people offering condolences by using the same words. This might be frustrating for you as you may think they’re being insincere, but just remember that finding the right words to express one’s self is much harder for some than it is others. Someone might use a cliché but this doesn’t mean they care any less about you or the deceased.

At Darren W. Faragher Funeral Directors we understand how important family is to everyone; we are a family run establishment ourselves. A visit to our office will give us the chance to discuss specifics but if you have any trouble doing this, we’d be more than willing to send an arranger to your home instead. If we can help you in any way, just let us know.