Finding the right funeral flowers

Flowers are an important aspect of a funeral, and are a widely recognised way of expressing sympathy and condolences at a time of loss. There is a great deal of choice available when it comes to floral tributes, and each flower can be used to create arrangements that reflect the tone and style of the funeral.

The lily is a perennially popular funeral flower. It is a strong and aromatic blossom, and its popularity is largely due to its classic beauty and the fact that it is said to suggest that the soul of the deceased has returned to a state of innocence. Christians believe that the lily symbolises purity and the radiance of the soul. Similarly, the peace lily plant is a symbol of innocence and rebirth of the soul to a greater place.

Roses are another popular funeral flower, with each colour having a slightly different connotation. White roses are the ultimate symbol of spirituality, and with regard to funerals, the red rose is indicative of love and grief. The yellow rose is often given by friends and loved ones to solidify their connection to the deceased, with the dark pink rose being offered as a sign of thankfulness for the time spent with the person.

Orchids of every colour represent eternal love. The meaning of chrysanthemums varies around the world but in Europe they represent sympathy and honour. Red tends to symbolise love with white reflecting innocence. Carnations are a popular choice for wreaths and standing sprays. As with most flowers each colour has its own meaning with red being used frequently for funerals as its designated emotion is affection. Hyacinths represent a range of feelings including empathy, and they are usually added into an assortment with other flowers. The meaning of the hydrangea is not as well known as other species, but many believe them to symbolise deep and true heartfelt emotions.

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