A funeral checklist can help ease the pressure when planning a service

When planning funerals in Birmingham and throughout the surrounding areas, you can always turn to our team for help and advice. There are many things to think about and you’ll only have a relatively short space of time to plan them unless you choose a pre-planned service; our goal is to alleviate the pressure and make it as simple as possible for you to arrange the service. Many aspects of the service can be arranged in advance to ease the load, and you can create a checklist to help you get everything in order.

Deciding whether you want a burial or a cremation in advance is a good idea, and will allow you to give more thought to the final resting place of the deceased. If you go for a burial you’ll need to settle on a cemetery and a plot. Cremated remains can also be buried if you wish or you can opt to take them away with you. Some churches have columbaria so you can store the urn on site.

With the location and type of burial decided, you can consider transportation. We offer hearse services to transport the casket and can handle every aspect of the funeral transport on your behalf.

You can consider the tributes you want to leave for the deceased early too if you wish. There are a wide range of different options in terms of flowers, but some people opt for charitable donations instead. If you are taking this option, you can decide on a charity early. With flowers you should decide on the arrangements you want, the colours and how you want them to be displayed.

Details of the service can be arranged early if you want to save time but this is a matter of preference. A big decision to make is whether you want a religious service or not. Additional features like the hymns, music, readings and obituaries can also be organised.

Funerals take a great deal of planning but you can rely on our funeral directors in Birmingham to help you make all the right decisions and ensure that the service is what you had in mind. With our many years of experience and dedication to outstanding service, we are a highly regarded choice for many families throughout the entire region.