Funeral directors can play many roles

Funeral directors offer support, advice and a range of professional services for people suffering bereavement. They will help you to create the perfect send off for the deceased, taking both their and your wishes into account and helping with all of the planning and organisation. The range of roles they take on is broad, and they are able to provide support before the funeral, throughout the service and afterwards too.

Prior to funerals, a funeral director is responsible for transporting the deceased and can ensure facilities are available for relatives to view them if they wish. They can deal with paperwork to save you the task and ensure everything is done properly, as well as offering advice about death notices and helping you to plan them.

When it comes to planning the funeral, they can guide you through the whole process including the decision whether to opt for cremation or burial, what type of coffin or casket to choose, the memorial and the personal details of the service itself. There are often many details to take care of, so it can be a great relief to have a professional on hand to help.

On the day of the funeral the directors again take on the task of transporting the deceased. As part of this they can arrange flowers on the coffin or casket and can place them at the cemetery or churchyard on arrival. Some providers will collect the cards from flowers so you can read what family, friends and well wishers have written.

After the service you can call on a funeral director to help you with repatriation and scattering or preserving ashes, if required. The advice they offer is important and gives you the support you need whilst you make plans for commemorating the deceased.

Our team of funeral directors are committed to serving local residents across Birmingham and the surrounding areas. We offer a diverse range of compassionate services and will help to make sure each funeral is completely personal and a fitting tribute to the deceased. We are a proud member of the National Association of Funeral Directors so you can expect the best from us.