Each funeral flower can convey a specific sentiment

Funeral flowers make a beautiful contribution to a ceremony. Flowers have been an important part of funerals for a very long time, as they help us express sentiment in an elegant and appropriate manner. People are often concerned about selecting flowers for the funerals of their loved ones as they want to be sure of making the most appropriate choice. There are various meanings attached to particular flowers, which can be of great comfort and help when trying to settle on the right floral tribute.

Roses play a significant role in funerals. White roses represent reverence, purity, humility and innocence with red roses conveying courage, respect and love. They are commonly used in casket sprays and are often favoured by those that shared an intimate relationship with the deceased such as a partner, spouse or close friend.

The pink rose is used to convey grace, elegance and admiration. Being the lighter version of the red rose, they are often included in the funerals of children. A deeply dark crimson rose denotes sorrow and grief and yellow roses are typically given by friends of the deceased to symbolise strong ties. Purple roses are used to symbolise success and dignity.

Pink carnations are used to reflect the enduring love of a mother as well as symbolise gratitude and remembrance. Like the red rose, the red carnation expresses yearning and true love. The green chrysanthemum is often found at funerals as it expresses sadness and grief as well as loyalty and sincerity. It is often seen in both pastel and vibrant colour arrangements.

White lilies represent the purity of the soul of the departed and are a very common funeral flower. The stargazer lily is a symbol of sympathy and the oriental lily reflects eternal life making it ideal for religious ceremonies.

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