Considering your funeral service in advance

The funeral industry in the UK is undergoing major changes, both in terms of the type of services people are opting for and the age at which they plan their funerals. Traditionally the planning was left as late as possible when people chose to create their own funeral service. Now, younger people are starting to think ahead so they can tell their loved ones exactly how they want to go. It is not uncommon to see people in their forties and thirties considering what kind of funeral they would like.

There are several reasons why people are starting to plan their funerals so far in advance, but the most common one is the cost. Pre-planning is a good way to get an idea of the costs associated with funeral services so you can start thinking ahead. This is particularly important if you want a unique service because the costs for these can be very difficult to gauge without help.

Planning a funeral can also be very life affirming and has led some companies in South Korea to make their staff attend their own mock funerals. As part of the mock service, each person writes a letter to their loved ones to say farewell before climbing in a coffin. They lie down, draped in ribbons and holding a picture of themselves to their chest, before a man representing the angel of death comes and closes the lid. The idea is that this will help each person to reflect on their lives and give them motivation to overcome the obstacles in their path.

As experienced funeral directors in Birmingham, we are committed to offering supportive services for people who wish to plan their funeral in advance. We offer a wide range of options and will discuss them with our clients, whether they want to formally plan the occasion or are just looking ahead click here to find out more. We have arranged funerals for a number of years and will give each client the benefit of all of our experience. If you would like further information on planning funerals, please contact us to arrange a meeting with a member of our team.