Funerals aren’t the cause of grief

There’s no denying that funerals are hard for everyone involved, but that doesn’t mean that assistance isn’t there when you need it most. Experienced in managing numerous funeral details, our funeral directors in Sutton Coldfield work with the families to produce a ceremony that the deceased would be proud of. Always available should they be needed, our team can be depended on.

When difficult moments appear in our lives, it’s only natural that we’d want to stray from the pain. All of the great spiritual teachings however say that the sole way out is through. A great degree of our healing is dependent on our potential to be present to what is, to experience the grief and let it go through us. There’s no emotion that lasts an eternity, but the more that grief is resisted, the longer it tends to linger.

A subconscious belief is often confronted when people talk about funerals and it’s entirely understandable. This belief is that the funeral itself results in the grief, because this is where we feel it. Since we desire to move away from our pain, the conclusion many come to is that lowering the funeral’s depth will minimise that of the grief. Based on this, people stay clear of the ceremonies, or go to considerable lengths to hold happy events that discourage sadness.

Individuals who are suffering from pain shall clutch anything in an attempt to prevent further pain. Due to the fact that we don’t all have a shared cultural knowledge about a meaningful service’s healing prowess, we can’t comprehend how they actually function. Despite what people think, funerals aren’t the root cause of arduous feelings. In fact, if done correctly, they craft a container tough enough to hold them.

At Darren W. Faragher, our funeral directors in Sutton Coldfield do everything within their power to ensure that the funeral service is perfect. Happenings such as this only occur once after all, so it’s imperative that they are done right the first time around. If you require any help at all, we will be there to support you.