Funerals don’t have to be overly stressful

Having helped with the planning of some of the most moving funerals Sutton Coldfield has ever seen, our funeral directors are the ones to call when you require some assistance. Experienced in handling numerous aspects of the service, including things that take place both before and afterwards, our people work their hardest to meet all of the family’s specifications. From simple services to grand occasions, be they religious or secular, we are capable of managing any ceremony.

Since death and those subjects that surround it are troublesome things to speak about, there are a number of misconceptions that have taken form. These misunderstandings add stress to the family as they prepare for the funeral service. As this is the case, we feel it necessary to shatter some of these delusions so that you can be comfortable knowing that the decisions you make are the right ones.

One point we’d like to make is that there are ways to make the ceremony preparation less stressful. Losing a loved one is always going to be difficult and for some, it’s the most strenuous time in their lives. What makes everything even more taxing however is that topics like passing on are some that we’re very unfamiliar with. This leads people to second guess their choices, or consider which ones are available.

Being professional funeral directors, we dedicate ourselves and our knowledge towards supporting you, and offering you all the information and choices that are needed. If you stick with us, we’ll show you proven methods of making the whole funeral management process as stress free as it can be.

At Darren W. Faragher we understand that every culture has had its own traditions around honouring the deceased over the years. We aim to respect the beliefs and values of every family that comes to us.

Details of the ceremony are often discussed at our offices, but if you find yourself unable to attend, we can have one of our arrangers visit your home and go over the plans there if you wish. We are always available for support should you need it.