A guiding hand when choosing a cremation

At Darren W Faragher Funeral Directors are no strangers to funerals and the emotional experiences that they are. Knowing how hard it can be enables us to offer support in the most meaningful ways possible to make sure your loved ones are remembered in the way that they should be.

For as long as time itself, caring for the deceased has been a duty of deep respect and a celebration of their life, with different cultures and religions practising numerous types of rituals. Cremations are one of these practices. Cremation serves as a funeral rite that acts as an alternative to burials. Cremated remains may be buried at a memorial site or cemetery, or they may be placed in an urn and retained by relatives. They can either hold on to the remains or choose to disperse them in some way, including scattering in a memorable place.

There are a number of reasons why people choose the cremation process, not all of them being religious. As funerals take their toll emotionally, a cremation can simplify the process, allowing the service to proceed quicker. It also allows for multiple options in terms of what to do with the remains as mentioned earlier. This means that people can make bespoke arrangements to remember the deceased and help mourners come to terms with the loss.

If you need help with funeral planning we are happy to offer a supportive service for you. We can offer cremation services if it is your preferred choice. Before the service takes place we will need to know the name, address, age, date and place of death, religion and the doctor of the deceased.

We also need to know which crematorium you wish to use and the instructions regarding the ashes. We know how difficult this time is for you and we make sure that we do not apply undue pressure on you when arrangements are being made. We have proudly served Sutton Coldfield for a number of years and deliver the very best level of service we can for each and every client.