The hearse throughout history

For many years now, our dedicated funeral directors have provided the most professional and personalised services to Sutton Coldfield. We understand just how difficult these times are for you, so we focus on doing our best to accommodate every individual requirement to that loved ones get the funerals they deserve.

A hearse is one of the most vital parts of any funeral as it transports your loved one to their final resting place. Used throughout the industry, hearses are also known as funeral coaches to some. We utilise them in a way that the family and friends will respect and be grateful for.

Originally thought of as public transport, an elaborate framework was erected over a coffin to which memorial epitaphs and vases were attached. Afterwards, it was then placed on top of a horse-drawn carriage. Hearses were first drawn by horses but as time went on, silent electric motorized cars were implemented as the horses were phased out of the transportation duties.

It wasn’t until the 20th century began that the motor vehicles began to be put into use and their coming brought tremendous updates to the hearse duties. During the 1920s, several changes and adaptations came to the motorised hearse, with them being made to resemble the passenger limousine, a rather popular vehicle at the time.

Funeral vehicles were downsized at the end of the 1990s, resulting in smaller, more private models. Even with this though, the limousine design is still very strongly preferred in parts of the UK and much of Europe. This is because it possesses lots of glass and fewer draperies, making sure that the view of your loved one isn’t obscured.

At Darren W lasix pills buy online. Faragher we employ the use of Saabs as our hearse vehicles. We make sure to service and maintain them on a regular basis in order to guarantee that they are perfect and the funeral is uninterrupted. As funerals act as the final tribute to your loved one, it deserves to be done right. We work hard to ensure this happens.