Helping you through the grieving process

Funerals are an important part of the grieving process. They help us say an appropriate goodbye and face the next phase of life without our deceased loved one. As important as a funeral is for providing us with some closure, it does not signal the end of our grief. As dedicated funeral directors in Sutton Coldfield, we offer a comprehensive range of funeral services that include sensitive and supportive aftercare.

Organising local media announcements is customary, and allows you to inform your community of the loss. They help you avoid having to tell others yourself and prevent awkward moments with people that may be unaware of the news. You can focus on taking care of yourself as you grieve, without the worry and responsibility of informing colleagues and acquaintances. We will help you come up with the appropriate wording, and make sure that you are content with the details and tone of the announcement.

It has become increasingly common for people to request that bereaved friends and family members make a donation to a charity of their choice in place of expensive floral tributes. We will make sure that the medical facility or charity that has been selected receives the donations, and we will provide you with a complete list of donors.

We can compile and arrange order of sheets for you if requested. The sheets can contain any information you wish, from details of the service and hymn titles to readings and photographs. Your sheets can also serve as a keepsake for you and your loved ones. In Memoriam and Thank You cards can be provided for you to send to your guests following the funeral.

It is important to remember that grief is different for everyone, and there is no right or wrong way and no set lengths of time. There are a few helpful suggestions to help you adjust after the funeral. It is beneficial to take care of yourself and try to maintain a regular routine. You may want to consider postponing any major decisions, and talking about your loss with a trusted confidante whenever you need to. The healing process takes time, but you will eventually reach the stage when you can recall your loved one with less pain and more joy. Our memories are special ways of treasuring our dear departed.

With our extensive experience organising all kinds of funerals in Sutton Coldfield and throughout the entire region, we are proud to offer our clients unfaltering support before and after the funeral and we do our utmost to help you through your difficult time.