Helping you understand what is considered appropriate funeral attire

We are the dependable Birmingham funeral directors you can always turn to when you are in need of reliable services. While we have vast experience in the industry, not everyone will be as familiar with funerals as us. There are various examples of etiquette to recognise so that you can respect the person who has passed and their family. An example of this is ensuring that you dress appropriately.

The Traditional Approach

While there are other ideas out there, most people adopt the same approach when it comes to the dress code for a funeral. This includes dark, formal and modest clothing as it is common etiquette. If you do not receive any instructions on what to wear it is safe to assume that you should choose this. As a result, you can stay respectful and avoid upsetting anyone.

When it comes to colours, black is the most common choice but navy and grey may be acceptable too. If you want to take a coat or umbrella with you then these should also be dark. Shoes are another element that should be smart, sensible and without scuff marks.

Your overall appearance should be clean and tidy. By appearing sombre you can help make sure that you are respecting the departed and those close to them. You should avoid showing excessive amounts of skin such as bare legs or sleeveless garments.

A Different Approach

It is becoming more common for people to ask those attending to adopt a non traditional dress code. Sometimes they will request that you wear something specific as per the wishes of the deceased or the family. Popular examples include dressing in a favourite colour or even football shirts. This is due to funerals getting more recognition as being a celebration of life. Because of this, people look for ways to remember those who have passed. You should respect these wishes if the family requests it.

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