Horse Drawn Carriages

The name Faragher has become synonymous with horse drawn funerals. Over the years we have invested in authentic Victorian Dress, the Funeral Harness replicated to exacting standards, genuine and very rare Victorian Hearses but above all, the finest “correct” Carriage Horses (horses described in antique literature as “perfect blacks”) all black pure Friesens; without doubt the finest horses in the country.

The sight of these magnificent animals with a plumed head-dress drawing a hearse will evoke feelings of great nostalgia and respect. Darren W. Faragher are proud to be the only funeral company in Birmingham operating a horse drawn service. We can provide a fully original 19th century patent hearse built by John Marston Carriage Works.

John Marstons formerly of Bradford Street, Digbeth were the country’s foremost builder of funeral carriages. In addition to the hearse we are able to provide any number of horse drawn mourning coaches, each coach seating up to four mourners, to convey you to the service in Traditional Victorian Style. Our horses will be plumed with black ostrich feathers.

White can be provided for a child or maidens funeral. The horses drawing the hearse will also be adorned with velvet drapes in a choice of colour.