How a non-religious person should act at a religious funeral

The emotions that one feels at the time of a loved one’s death can affect them in ways that prevent them from planning a funeral properly. As a family run establishment ourselves, we understand all too well what you are going through, which is why we strive to do everything we can to help you. Having planned a multitude of funerals in the past, we offer all the assistance we can, making us the best funeral directors Birmingham has.

For those who are not religious, attending a funeral that is based around a person’s faith and beliefs can be somewhat daunting. The primary issue here is that they are not aware of the correct way to act in such environments and worry about offending family members. Because of this, we feel it necessary to give you some advice about attending a religion-focused ceremony.

First, learn a few things about the faith and its customs prior to the service. There are instances where you may find yourself going to one of these funerals and are unfamiliar with how everything operates. To avoid the chance of their being in any inappropriate or embarrassing scenarios, conduct some research on the relevant customs. In Jewish ceremonies for example, bringing flowers is unconventional, while it is very conventional to send a mass card to the family for Catholic funerals.

If you are uncertain as to what the appropriate course of action might be, then do what others do. Whenever someone stands, you do so with them, and when they sit, follow suit. One thing that you might want to do is sit in the venue’s back row. This way, you will be able to follow everyone else’s lead more easily.

At Darren W. Faragher we can offer guidance if this is your first time at a religious ceremony. Just remember that you don’t have to do anything that you feel uncomfortable with. If you are not part of the clergy, instead of singing and praying with the others, you can simply bow your head in a respectful way.

Should you require any more advice from the best funeral directors Birmingham has we’ll be more than willing to offer it.