Looking after important floral tributes

One of the most common and reassuring sights at a funeral service is the presence of floral tributes and wreaths. Flowers have been a way for us to express a wide range of emotions and feelings for centuries, and funeral flowers serve a very valued purpose for many people. The flowers are usually selected in a way that reflects the goodwill and support a mourner wishes to pay towards the bereaved. This is a very symbolic gesture which invariably assists family and close friends in coming to terms with their grief.

We have always understood the importance of flowers as part of a funeral service. Communities across the area come to us for compassionate and understanding services, and we always ensure that the floral tributes are placed and attended to in accordance with your exact wishes.

Although we can accommodate any request, there are two predominant ways the family usually prefer floral tributes to be handled. They may wish to have the flowers on display at the service after the funeral, so those who knew and loved the person can see and appreciate the tributes. An increasing number of people, however, have expressed a preference for the flowers to be distributed across local institutions such as hospitals and retirement homes, where their beauty would be truly appreciated. We can offer either of these treatments, or provide a combination of the two.

Flowers have always been an important part of funeral services, providing a fitting way for people to express their emotions when faced with the sad loss of a loved one. Floral tributes can offer tremendous benefit, comfort and support to the bereaved, and families and communities can always trust us to prepare funerals across Sutton Coldfield with dignity, compassion and understanding. From the flowers to the venue to the officiant at the ceremony, we can deal with each and every aspect.