Making crematoriums more environmentally friendly

Cremations became the most popular type of funeral in the UK in 1968. Current figures suggest that around 375,000 people a year are cremated, accounting for over 70% of all funerals. People from a variety of different faiths are cremated, including all of the Christian denominations, Hindus and Buddhists, as well as those who choose to have a secular ceremony.

People opt for cremation for many reasons, but there has been criticism that it can potentially be damaging to the environment. As a response to this, crematoriums across the UK have been installing new air pollution control equipment with pollutant filters. Environmental legislation has become increasingly stringent, encouraging private and council run crematoria to be more efficient and conscious of the impact of cremations on the natural environment.

It is possible to arrange a cremation without the help of a funeral director but this can potentially result in a lot more work for the Executor and relatives. There are a wide range of things to arrange and it is easy to get caught up in the details and forget some of them. A funeral director will help you to organise everything and can provide several of the essential services you need, from handling the paperwork to providing funeral vehicles. They will also be on hand to offer compassionate support.

Our funeral directors in Birmingham are committed to supporting mourners and lessening the load for them at difficult times. We can help plan all kinds of funerals, including cremations and burials, and deliver personalised services to uphold the wishes of family and friends of the deceased. We will always be on hand for mourners to assist them however they wish, whether they want us to organise everything or just want advice and information about various options.

We have served Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield and surrounding areas for many years and can carefully guide mourners through the details of planning a funeral and delivering a fitting tribute to the deceased.