Offering funeral services and support that is second to none

As a family run firm of funeral directors in Sutton Coldfield, we can assure every customer that we operate a sensitive and personal service that is not motivated by sales. The secret to any successful business is optimal customer care whatever the sector, but we must stress that we have these values at our core and our entire service is structured around empathic support. We make sure we are here through every stage of the funeral planning process and our assistance will be unfaltering at all times. Whatever decisions you are faced with and choices you must make, we will respectfully guide you through your difficult time to the best of our abilities.

Just as every person is an individual, we realise that every funeral needs to be a representation of that individuality. We believe in and uphold the time honoured tradition of commemorating the deceased with a ceremony that is based on love. We offer the finest standard of funeral services along with a multitude of choice regarding prices and selection. Our offices are typically the preference of individuals when arranging funerals in Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham, but if you require a personal home visit we are happy to fulfil your wishes. One of our highly trained and skilled professionals will visit with you to offer you helpful advice and support as you make the appropriate arrangements for your loved one that has passed.

Our services cover every possible requirement from catering and floral tributes to horse drawn carriages and pre- paid funerals. Our fleet of vehicles offers every comfort. We will obtain all relevant information from you regarding the deceased and whether you select a cremation or a burial, we will ensure a smooth and successful ceremony along with a service that reflects the person that has passed, the legacy they have left and the love that is felt for them.

With regard to coffins we carry an extensive range along with caskets to store and protect ashes following a cremation. There are various styles available and as with every other aspect of our committed service we are always ready to answer queries, offer informative guidance and make the whole process as easy for you as we possibly can. We are the funeral directors Birmingham customers can feel secure and comfortable with.