Getting the perfect floral service for a funeral

Floral tributes are common at funerals in the UK and come in many shapes and sizes from bouquets to wreaths and even special shaped arrangements. You can choose various species of flowers in an incredible range of colours to make sure the tributes are personal. The flowers can be positioned on or alongside coffins, can decorate the setting for the service or be put on the graves themselves too.

When choosing flowers it is important to consider the season as it will mean some varieties are unavailable. Most providers will be able to adapt bouquets and other tributes to suit the season, selecting suitable substitutes for the ones that aren’t available. You should enquire about this when you arrange the flowers to make sure you are happy with the products that you receive.

Our funeral directors in Sutton Coldfield can help you take care of the floral requirements for a funeral, alongside our other services. We work with local producers and will ensure you get the perfect flowers to suit your needs. As part of the service we can collect them from the producer for you and deliver them to the right destination. If you want them to travel with the coffin in the funeral procession we will guarantee they arrive on time. We handle the flowers very carefully and make sure they are beautifully presented wherever you want them positioned.

With floral tributes people typically include cards containing personal messages for the deceased. After the ceremony we can collect these so you can read them and share the thoughts, wishes and memories of other mourners. This also helps if you’re planning on sending out thank you cards to the people that attended because you can see who sent flowers.

If you need help choosing the right flowers for funerals in Sutton Coldfield and the surrounding regions, please contact us. We strive to offer the best services for our clients and will ensure they receive the perfect floral tributes. If you have special requests don’t hesitate to ask; we’ll do all we can to fulfil them for you.