Personalise transportation and keepsake arrangements

During the long years we’ve spent in business, we’ve helped countless families in giving their loved ones suitable send offs. Because of our commitment, people know they can always rely on us. We employ some of the finest Birmingham funeral directors around. They can assist you with organising ceremonies as well as making them personal.

There are more individuals making personal funeral arrangements now than ever before. The aim is to give a nod to the deceased’s character, passions, and hobbies. There are also those who are taking on more active roles within the service. If you want to do the same, you can use the following advice as a guide.

What transport is best?

Limousines and the black hearse might be the standard transport for funerals. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t do something different. Consider your loved one’s passions and pastimes. If they were an eager biker, you could have a motorbike sidecar hearse. They may have been an animal lover. In this case, you can arrange for a horse drawn carriage.

What can we do with keepsakes?

Another detail you might want to think about is keepsakes. Putting these items inside the coffin is a tradition that dates back to Ancient Egypt. You can leave the deceased with some of their personal and cherished objects. This can be a great comfort to their family members. Popular keepsakes include letters, books, photos, and wedding rings.

You may have something in mind for your own funeral. If you do, be sure to mention this in your funeral wishes. If you have quite a lot of photos, you can produce a memory table with them.

At Darren W. Faragher, we strive to be the very best Birmingham funeral directors. We have a long history and give the very best to everyone in the local communities.

We discuss funeral details with families at our tastefully decorated premises. This gives them a comfortable atmosphere to talk in. You also don’t need to make an appointment. Simply visit us and we’ll take you through all the essential details. Alternatively, you can ask us to come out to your home if it is better for you.

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