For the best help planning funerals

Choosing a funeral director who is a member of the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) is a good way to ensure you receive the right quality service. Bereaved family members should be able to have confidence in the people helping them to plan funerals for their loved ones. The NAFD sets high standards for its members and strives to ensure that every provider adheres to them. The Association has represented the industry for over a century and continues to support both funeral directors and the general public.

To obtain membership funeral directors must meet specific criteria and adhere to best practice guidelines. They need to have relevant experience, qualifications and references if they have only been in business for a short space of time. These will be checked and providers have to prove their competency. They must also have suitable working premises. An inspection of these will be conducted to determine suitability and ensure the right standards are met. Once members they are subjected to re-inspection within the first six months and every two years afterwards to make sure they still meet the required conditions.

NAFD membership provides a wide range of benefits for funeral directors, particularly in terms of a robust code of practice designed to help you provide the best services for clients. Members also automatically get professional indemnity cover for every member of the firm; a unique benefit solely offered by NAFD.

We are long established funeral directors in Birmingham, and we are immensely proud of the services we offer. We are a long standing member of the National Association of Funeral Directors and use their resources to help ensure we provide the best for clients in our local area. We have served Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield for many years, showing our commitment to the local community and how well we are received. If you’re looking for help planning funerals in Birmingham and throughout the surrounding areas, we would be more than happy to provide the support and assistance you need at this difficult time.