Popular options for sympathy flowers

It is awful when someone you were close to passes away. We are here to support you through this time as reliable Birmingham funeral directors. We offer a lot of useful services and plenty of good advice.

When sending sympathy flowers, you might be wondering which to choose. The following information will help you to decide.

Their Meaning

There are certain flowers which people associate more with funerals. Some also help express certain messages. Sending a sympathy bouquet is a way to let people know that you have them in your thoughts.

It doesn’t cost much and you can get ready-made bouquets. All it takes is a little effort for an incredibly thoughtful gesture. You can add in trimmings and a handwritten card.

You can make your own tribute with artificial flowers which will last longer. Silk flowers won’t fade as quickly as fresh ones, making them ideal if you want to place them on a grave.

Different Options

Pink alstroemeria, or the Peruvian lily, is a popular choice for a lasting sympathy bouquet.

Carnations have a sweet scent and offer plenty of arrangement options.

Gypsophila is also known as baby’s breath. This is used in an arrangement to add depth. It is popular for contemporary funerals.

Lilies are a popular flower and white ones are often associated with funerals. They represent angels and innocence.

If you are looking for an option with elegance, orchids are a great choice. People associate them with strength and grace.

One of the most popular options is roses. You can arrange them in a number of ways such as in a wreath as halfway unfurling buds. White roses paired with green foliage are also very popular. Deep red roses symbolise romance as well as remembrance and mourning.

Stocks, also known as gillyflowers, act as a tribute to a fulfilled and long life. Using these in a bouquet adds soft colours and scent.

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