Pre Paid Funerals

The Darren W. Faragher Funeral Pre-Payment Plan is for your own peace of mind and to make things easier for your family when that sad day arrives.

Despite all our assistance you may have found the business of arranging a funeral a difficult experience. There is a way in which you can spare those close to you from a similar experience when inevitably your own funeral has to be organised.

In fact, an ever increasing number of people choose to arrange and pay for their funeral themselves now rather than set aside a sum of money or insurance policy towards the cost.

The Darren W. Faragher Funeral Plan will guarantee the selection of your choice at today’s price ~ regardless of when the funeral may be needed. In addition to sparing your relatives financial burden you can choose exactly what kind of funeral you would like, instead of your family having to decide.

Your plan can be purchased with a once only payment or by monthly instalments. To give you total security your payments are placed in a funeral planning trust with HSBC Trust Co. Ltd. as custodian trustee.

Further information can be provided on request.