Secure prices and gain extra time to plan with pre-paid funerals

Pre-paid funerals have become a popular choice in the UK as people look to take steps to reduce the impact of continued price rises. Taking out a plan can provide comfort and reassurance, easing the financial burden as well as ensuring there is extra time to decide what options to choose for the funeral.

With pre-planning it is possible to select the type of funeral, including a burial, cremation or a unique option such as a green service. Decisions regarding the type of coffin or casket, hearse, and newspaper notices can also be made. All of these important details can be made early, saving time in the future and reducing the burden on planners.

With a pre-paid plan you can secure many fees including those for funeral directors, caring for the deceased, transportation, and the service. This offers the opportunity to beat price rises and dramatically cut the risk of being caught with surprise bills.

If you wish, you can also plan the memorial in advance, including selecting the design for a headstone, a plaque or an urn. This can save additional time and ensures that the right decisions are made to commemorate the deceased. It is good to have longer to consider the options, decide what you want to say on the memorial and make sure it is a fitting tribute.

As experienced funeral directors based in Birmingham, we help people with pre-planning, delivering peace of mind and the highest level of support throughout. We have many years of experience in this area and understand how difficult it can be to think about a funeral. Choosing to plan in advance and pre-pay can alleviate a lot of the stress and help people to make the right preparations.

We are proud to offer a number of pre-payment options, working with each client to provide the very best service for them. There is the option to pay in one lump sum or monthly instalments, giving you financial flexibility. If you are thinking about the costs of a funeral or the arrangements and would like to pre-plan please contact our supportive team for further information.