Showing respect with clothing etiquette at funerals

Clothing etiquette for funerals may have seemed to have changed over the years but the core belief is still the same. The idea is to honour the deceased and show respect. Traditionally this was accomplished by wearing black and dressing conservatively, ensuring you looked neat and presentable. Even jewellery and shoes needed to be chosen carefully to ensure they didn’t draw too much attention.

At modern funerals you can see all kinds of different dress, including colours to match favourite football teams or even Hawaiian shirts. Although the clothing is remarkably different to suits and dresses the idea of respecting the deceased remains. After-all the garments might be something they loved or reflect their passion and interests.

The key thing to keep in mind when choosing funeral attire is that you should still look neat and presentable, even if you are wearing something casual and more colourful than black or grey. Just because you are allowed to wear garments other than a suit or dress isn’t an excuse for dressing down too much.

If you are planning a funeral where you want people to wear something other than traditional attire you should make it absolutely clear what you have in mind. Try to give notice in advance so people keep make suitable arrangements; remember it may take them longer if they need to find a specific garment to suit the request.

At Darren W. Faragher we have seen how much funerals have changed over the years. They are becoming more and more personalised and moving even further away from traditional services. This has created challenges for our funeral directors in Birmingham but also made it possible for funerals to be even more meaningful and personal.

If you are planning a service and want to ensure that guests dress appropriately we would be happy to offer advice. We have a lot of experience to share and will assist with every aspect of the planning.