Societal shifts are made apparent by the choice in funeral

Funerals are some of the most difficult times for families; that is why we always try to be there for them at every stage. Be it before, during or after the ceremony, our help shall be available at any time it is required. Whatever your requests are for the service, we will do everything we can to see to it that they’re met. We are proud to be the most supporting funeral directors Sutton Coldfield is served by.

It is true that a vast majority of UK funerals are still traditional, but one thing that cannot be denied is that the rising number of non-religious ceremonies reflects a shift in our society. Sixteen years ago, during which the census was taken, around 7.7 million individuals identified themselves as non-religious. However, when the most recent census was carried out, an event that only took place six years ago, this figure had nearly doubled to 14 million..

If you aren’t the religious kind of person but still wish to have a meaningful send-off, a humanist ceremony might be something you’ll want to look into. Just so that you know, one doesn’t have to call themselves a humanist if they want this type of service. People choose this path simply due to the fact that they don’t hold onto any beliefs.

This goes without saying, but funeral services should reflect the personality of those who have passed on. As humanist funerals and other non-religious ceremonies have expanded their influence over the years, countless funeral directors, including ourselves, have grown quite familiar with and accustomed to them.

At Darren W. Faragher, regardless of your stance on religion, we will give you nothing less than our total support during your time of need. Be it a simple funeral or a grand occasion, rest assured that you will be remembered in your way and not that of someone else. We are always here for you should you require assistance from funeral directors who have served Sutton Coldfield with honour for so many years.