The decorum one must show at graveside services

When it comes to funerals Sutton Coldfield and its residents rely on us to assist them with the planning when it all becomes too much for them to handle. Experienced in each individual section of the ceremony, there is nothing that’s too challenging for our top team of funeral directors. Whatever your wishes and those of your loved ones, we will see to it that they are respected.

Graveside services typically follow the main funeral, but can occur individually if requested. They’re held at the place where the deceased shall be put to rest and are normally short in length. Chairs might be set up, but many of the attendees could end up standing, depending on the number of family members and their needs.

In terms of what actually occurs, the officiant, who can be either a funeral director or a religious figure, will usually recite readings or prayers prior to the casket being lowering into the earth. If these readings or prayers are to be read or sung by the group, or if there happens to be prayers that accompany a sort of call-and-response motif, attendees can take part as long as they’re comfortable. Anyone who isn’t familiar with what’s being said can simply stand quietly and respectfully.

Should it turn out that you are to act as a pallbearer at the service, your job is going to be transporting the casket to the gravesite from the hearse. The coordinator shall be on site to guide you through the entire process, telling you what to do and where to go. If you are unsure about what your role entails, these are the people to talk to.

At Darren W. Faragher, from the humblest of requests to the most grand, we do whatever we can to meet the requirements of those families that come to us. A funeral is a one-time event that cannot be replicated, and so, everything must be done properly on the first go. We will ensure that is the case whenever we plan funerals Sutton Coldfield families want to remember for the right reasons.

If you are having issues getting things organised, we’d be more than happy to offer you our aid.