The growing influence of pop songs

These days, it can be difficult to discover what a company does by looking at their name, but the fact is that each one has its own speciality. Ours comes in the form of funerals, helping families of the deceased in the planning and organisation of thoughtful and respectful ceremonies. With a team of the finest funeral directors Sutton Coldfield has behind us, we promise to help you in putting your loved one to rest in the manner that they desired.

The most recent funeral music survey discovered that while the majority of tunes present at 2016’s services were mostly sentimental in nature, there was still a fair amount of space for some humour. However, the popularity of hymns had somewhat diminished. The primary themes here appeared to be the concept of saying goodbye but not farewell, and of defiance as opposed to pity and solemnity.

As stated by the president of the National Association of Funeral Directors Alison Crake, the most popular songs are turning into common aspects of the service. The reason why is that funerals are becoming just as much about celebrating a life as they are about saying goodbye, with personalisation also increasing for these services.

Logically speaking, if the ceremonies are becoming more of a celebration of life instead of a solemn event, it isn’t too tough to see why the popularity of pop songs is skyrocketing. Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” and Adele’s “Hello” are prime examples of contemporary pop songs that are being utilised more frequently for funerals. Compared to one in four of those over 65, a mere 12% of people aged 50 to 54 would prefer to have hymns played at their funeral.

At Darren W. Faragher we fully understand that funerals are non-repeatable events that must be carried out properly the first time around. In order to ensure that your service is as significant as possible, we shall do everything within our power to meet your requirements, no matter how unique they are.

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