The traditions of an Anglican funeral

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Almost every religion consists of meaningful customs and traditions around the subject of death. From those that involve cleaning and dressing the deceased to characteristics of the funeral ceremonies, each religion has a different way of supporting grieving family and friends. To understand how communities respect the departed, it’s essential that we look into how their funerals are performed.

With an Anglican (Episcopalian) funeral, the service is usually conducted two to three days following the passing. It can be carried out at a chapel, church, or funeral home, and can either be a service in itself or part of what is referred to as the requiem, which includes Holy Communion.

Priests oversee the ceremony, which might also incorporate scripture readings from the Book of Common Prayer, a sermon, hymns, and eulogies from family or friends. In those instances where the body isn’t present, a memorial service shall be organised and a photo of the deceased might be positioned at the room’s front. Musical numbers that are appropriate for the situation are also a common occurrence.

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