Timing your words

Over the years, families have come to rely on our team to aid them in giving their loved ones a fitting send off. Being a family run establishment ourselves, we understand the pain they are going through, which is why we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that every one of their unique requirements is met. Having assisted in the organisation of some of the most respectful funerals Birmingham has ever seen, we are the people to depend on.

There are a number of us who aren’t comfortable attending a funeral ceremony because we do not know what we should and shouldn’t say. We do want to offer comfort to the family, to show support and provide help, but we fear saying something wrong. In order to assist those who are struggling with this subject, we’ve put together some advice that you might find useful.

You may have some idea of what to say, such as “I remember”, or “I would like to help you with”, but you might not know when the best time to say all of these things is. In short, the answer is as soon as possible, but there are considerations you’ll need to memorise about comforting the grieving, and timing.

The period that families spend saying their goodbyes is emotionally charged, challenging, and incredibly vital. If you intend to visit them before the main service, make certain you arrive early. Families are going to feel pressured to speak to all who are there to support them, but shall require enough time to say goodbye beforehand. If you are looking to support them, come and say your words early. Should you arrive late, wait until after the ceremony has concluded.

At Darren W. Faragher, although we do hold onto our traditional values, we still see to it that high standards are maintained. With the impressive collection of services we have available, there isn’t much that our team cannot accomplish for you. That is why we are able to help create the most touching funerals Birmingham families have ever seen.

If there’s anything we can do for you, please get in touch.