Universally accepted advice for funeral behaviours

During our years of service to the community, we’ve noticed one thing in particular; there are many people who struggle to organise funerals. We help these individuals in the best way we know how. Our team offers them the assistance of the most supportive funeral directors Birmingham has.

When someone loses a person close to them, there’s no “right” thing to say to them. At the memorial service however, there are certain behaviours one needs to adopt. It doesn’t matter what kind of ceremony is going to take place, you need to behave correctly. The following is advice you can use for any funeral.


It’s ok to bring children along. Any child over the age of six can come with you to the service. You should leave younger kids with a sitter so they don’t cause disruption.

Don’t worry too much about the funeral making children sad or anxious. They usually like being a part of what’s going on. They’re also normally less afraid of death than we think they are.

A child may have even been close to the deceased. If this is the case, they might ask to be a part of the funeral. They can play instruments, sing, speak, or read poetry.

No pressure

Don’t let the ceremony’s religious aspects put you off either. It’s still very common for a funeral to have religious elements attached to it. It’s ok if you don’t practice the faith. Never feel forced to say a prayer or partake in a sacrament. Instead, you can simply stand and listen to what goes on.

At Darren W. Faragher, our team do everything in their power to make the funeral memorable. This includes providing the bereaved with excellent facilities and also high standards of service. Throughout everything we support and advise the family and friends.

If you would like their aid yourself, please get in touch with one of the longest serving funeral directors Birmingham has. It would be our pleasure to help.