What is involved in the life of funeral directors?

As a family run company, we understand your personal requirements and strive to meet them as best we can. Offering assistance not only before and during the funeral ceremony but afterwards as well, we stand by you at your time of need. Be it a simple service or a grand occasion, we shall help in any way that we are able to. That is how we provide the most meaningful funerals Birmingham has seen.

Being a funeral director is one job that you likely won’t hear being mentioned to a careers advisor. While there are numerous individuals who would not consider going down this path, those that have describe the profession as being rewarding and not something to be dismissed.

No two days are the same when doing what we do. After we have met with the deceased’s relatives and discovered what variety of funeral it is they would like, arrangements must then be co-ordinated. At this point, a crucial task to perform is to enquire about the person, examining some photos and getting to know them so that their memory can be honoured. Participation from the family here is essential.

There’s also a degree of paperwork involved, including the likes of burial forms, coroners reports, and medical certificates. Within the funeral home itself, procedures such as hygienic treatments and dressing are carried out too.

On a daily basis, we aid families through what is perhaps the hardest time in their lives and while the job is demanding, the rewards are immeasurable. Money can buy many things, but not the response one receives from the family after you’ve assisted them in handling their grief and making them feel supported.

At Darren W. Faragher we invite every family to come and discuss the details of the funeral at our offices. No appointment is required and we make sure everybody feels comforted as we guide you through the process. Should you find it difficult to attend our premises, we’d be more than happy to send an arranger over to your home.

With our help every funeral is unique, representing the deceased in the correct way. If you would like to find out more or have very special ideas in mind simply contact us to discuss them.