Who has the right to make the funeral decisions?

Being a family ourselves, we understand all too well the pain of losing a loved one. When people suffer a loss, things can become very difficult for them, including normal things like planning and organisation. Always willing to offer a helping hand should it be needed, we assist families with arranging funerals in Birmingham, ensuring they are touching and meaningful for their loved ones.

During certain situations, those who are responsible for making decisions regarding the funeral can be a fact that is unclear and disputed over. If the deceased has appointed someone to make all the choices, then this wish should be honoured. Those who have been designated for this crucial task might discover their role through a will or another legal document that was produced.

If the deceased’s preferences weren’t revealed in any sort of legal documentation, then the decisions lie with their next of kin. Should they be unavailable or not be able to make choices of such a nature, then one follows the next of kin hierarchy until a suitable person is found.

If the next of kin cannot arrange everything, then it’s legally appropriate to consult the hierarchy to see who should have the right to organise the funeral. On the other hand, during instances where the next of kin is only incapacitated on a temporary basis, it would be fair to wait until they can function again. Furthermore, it may prove fruitful to consider what the incapacitated person would want, or what the deceased would have desired.

At Darren W. Faragher, we are nothing but honest and supportive with the families that we help to arrange funerals in Birmingham. As funeral directors, we feel that it’s our responsibility to provide you with the largest selection of services and products available. To this end, we will do everything within our power to meet your personal requirements, so that the funeral ends up being as special as it deserves to be. Just remember that we are always here if you need us.