Writing obituaries and death notices

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Death notices are an important part of the funeral. They are announcements that you put in a newspaper to tell people of the passing. A notice includes details of the deceased, the ceremony, and a little biographical information.

Obituaries are similar to notices. The big difference is they are articles that the newspaper’s staff has written. In addition to a biography of the deceased, there is a list of all their life achievements. If you’ve never produced either one before, we have some advice on writing them you may find useful.

Decide what to include and what to leave out

Normally, you’ll need a fair amount of information to write obituaries and notices. An excellent way to cut down on time here would be to sit down with key family members. This lets you accomplish more than getting the necessary details on time. It minimises the back-and-forth you typically find when asking different people.


You should agree on the scope too. Prior to writing anything, determine what you want to include and what you can leave out. If there was ever a family rift for instance, you might want to keep the details out.

Read over it

Finally, it would be a good idea to proofread everything. Have two people at minimum go over all the content. This shall assist you in avoiding informational, grammar, and spelling mistakes. You definitely don’t want these in such important pieces.

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